DanLtoons.com Cartoon Use Guidelines

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Would you like to use Launch Pad on a web site, intranet, presentation, newsletter, bulletin , or other nonprofit project or publication?

I would like to invite you to use Launch Pad at NO COST! Please follow these cartoon use guidelines:

1. The text and artwork may not be altered in any way, including the copyright and DanLtoons.com web address.

2. No more than FIVE Launch Pad Cartoons may be displayed in any publication or web site.

3. The cartoons featured on this site are copyrighted material. They may not be used outside of the guidelines given on this site.

For Profit Use

Please contact Dan Lietha directly for information on using Launch Pad in a for-profit medium.


Web Use:

Two ways to use Launch Pad on your web site:

1. Link the DanLtoons.com home page to your web site.

2. Display a Launch Pad cartoon on your web site. If you would like to display a Launch Pad cartoon on your site, please follow these web rules:

A. Use no more than FIVE Launch Pad cartoons on your site at a time.

B. Include the following near the cartoon: Copyright 2001 Dan Lietha. www.DanLtoons.com

C. If your site is for profit, contact Dan Lietha first.

D. Please create a link to the DanLtoons.com web site

E. Please let me know the location of your site.

You may copy the desired cartoon file directly from the Launch Pad home page and/or archive. They are 72 dpi GIF files.


Thank you for visiting DanLtoons.com. Please encourage others to do the same.


Print Use:

A B&W print quality version of each Launch Pad cartoon will be available from this site as each new cartoon appears.

Please use these special files created for print use rather than trying to print any color web display cartoon files. At only 72 dpi, the color web versions do not contain enough information to print well. The print version of each cartoon will be a 200 dpi B&W JPEG file.

NOTE: These B&W print quality Launch Pad cartoon files are not to be used on other web sites.

Download 200 dpi file Instructions!

PC users:

1. Right click and hold on the cartoon link to the right.

2. Go to "save link as" or "save target as"

3. Release finger from button and cartoon should begin to download to your computer

Mac users:

1. Click and hold. Go to "save link as"

2. Release finger from button and cartoon should begin to download to your computer

200 DPI B&W JPEGS to Download

1. Church imitation


3. No recounts!

4. Effective Witness

5. Grinch

6. Gift wrapping

7. Count down

8. First, last and middle

9. Cute before Christ

10. Brother adversity

11. Veggie tales at Lunch

12. Beginning and end

13. Survivor in church

All images and content on this site are © 2000 by Dan Lietha. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.